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Lakeside Landing at GBC Airpark!

Gun Barrel City Airpark, the premier, private aircraft destination, serving the entire Cedar Creek lake area. We are located approximately 55 miles southeast of Dallas, Texas and a quick jaunt to Cedar Creek Lake.

As one of the fastest growing Texas cities, Gun Barrel City, gateway to the east Texas region, along with the adjoining Cedar Creek lake reservoir, provide unmatched opportunities for boating and jet skiing, year-round fishing, and an abundance of outdoor activities.

Click the 'Surroundings' tab to learn more about Gun Barrel City and how Gun Barrel City Airpark is the best first step toward your lakeside stay!

Less than a mile from Gun Barrel City and Cedar Creek Lake, GBC Airpark sports a safe, 2,750 foot, paved runway and a pilot controlled lighting system for night landings. The single runway facility is oriented for 17 and 35 and both directions utilize a left-handed pattern for VFR landings.

Exact location coordinates for the Gun Barrel City Airpark are: Latitude: 32.354; Longitude: -96.1463626.

For pilot radio communications, the Unicom frequency is 122.90. For pilot navigation, the airpark is approximately five miles north of the Cedar Creek VOR which can be located on the FAA’s Dallas/Fort Worth VFR Sectional map. (Check back with us again soon as we’ve applied for and will be receiving shortly a permanent FAA designation ID!)

What's Around Town?

Gun Barrel City showcases a vast array of dining establishments, including staples and individual restaurants such as The Ranch House, winner of “Best Mexican Food of Cedar Creek Lake.”

A list of all restaurants can be found here.

The KCKL ‘Big Bass’ fishing tournament , each year in March, is known for great catches, and MANY! And these big bites get great rewards in the way of cash and door prizes!

And if you want to know the hotspots for a big catch, check out bigcrappie.com for Cedar Creek fishing tours.

Another annual event holding audiences captivated each year, Thunder Over Cedar Creek, is the Lake’s 4th of July air show and music festival. A real crowd pleaser, the 2010 air show had a record attendance of nearly 40,000 spectators. And lucky to be there, too, for sights like this!

Gun Barrel City, serving its residents and guests, offering countless options for shopping, dining, entertainment and hotel accommodations, continues to grow and entertain everyone it has the pleasure of hosting!

Fly in!

Contact Us!

Contact Galen Irwin for ‘in advance’ arrangements to schedule temporary landing and transient parking accomodations at GBC Airpark, LLC: 903 887 0811
gaylin@gunbarrelcityairpark.com 'Release of Liability'
Prior to initial landing and take-off, a Gun Barrel City Airpark 'Release of Liability' waiver must be signed by the aircraft pilot and all passengers. The multi-use waiver will be good for a period of 12 months from the date of approval.

Subsequent use of the Airpark must also be pre-approved. In addition to pre-approved arrangements, all licensed pilots using the airpark must, upon request, be able to provide current pilot license credentials, proof-of-insurance and aircraft airworthiness documentation. Please note: while pending arrangements are still in-process, The Gun Barrel City Airpark does not presently offer facilities for aviation fuel or aircraft maintenance.